Aotearoa Future Energy Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) was started in the 1990s with the oil & gas transition. in 2024 Norway, with a population of five (5) million people, has become the biggest SWF in the world. In 2023 the Norwegian SWF generated over 80% of the NZ GDP in interest alone. From humble beginnings as one of the poorest countries in Europe, Norway now has the highest GDP per person in Europe. All Norwegians, including their indigenous Sami people, are benefitting with world class education, health care and transport.

With the renewable energy transition, including OE, AWATEA believes a Future Energy SWF is a fantastic way to leverage the global NZ leadership into benefits for all New Zealanders.

Summary  of Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (NSWF)

Key investment holdings of the NSWF

Growth of Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (NSWF)