News and Events

There is a lot of activitiy happening in the OE and Ocean Innovation Space. Here is a selection of News and Events in Aotearoa, Oceania and Globally relevant to furthering the knowledge in these exciting topics.


  • The City of Liverpool announced in March to build tidal energy facility which can power up to one million households and prepare for sea level rise. Mersey Tidal Power is leveraging on 60yrs experience at La Rance, France and a decade from K-Water at the currently largest tidal power facility Shiwa Lake Dam (10 x Andritz Hydro turbines 254MW)
  • The European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) gave an excellent updat on their achievements and activites at the Ara Ake Offshore Energy Forum in March. This is a very good proxy on what is happening in the OE market at present. Please check out the presentation.

Cleaner Ocean Transport

Coastal Resilence and Blue Carbon in the South Pacific

  • At COP28 the NZ Maori led Hinemoana Halo Ocean Fund (HHOF) received USD 50 million in funding to develop coastal carbon sequestration. This links nicely with Cawthron/ The Nature Conservatoies’ work on Blue Carbon.
  • Earlier this month Pacific Indigenous Leaders urge the legal recognition of whales as persons with inherent rights.
  • Australia offers sea level rise affected people from Tuvalu citizenship under the Falepilii Union.
  • NZ’s Deputy Prime Minister offers Rarotonga $16.5 mio in Climate Resilience Funding.

International Ocean Innovation News

  • OES Executive Committe is meeting from 15 – 16. September as part of ICOE. Any NZ specific input, please contact Martin Knoche or Vladislav Sorokin.