Tidal Energy

Tidal energy has been studied by humans for several thousand years, the ancient Egyptians, Greek could already predict the often twice a day coming kinetic energy force. Unlike wind, solar or wave energy, tidal is not intermittent and can be used eg as base load.

There are several ways to harness tidal energy.  This method of marine energy generation in general is at around Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6-7 from 9.

  • Tidal barrages (like Shiwa Tidal Plant of 256 MW with 10 Andritz Hydro Turbines in Incheon, South Korea or St Malo in France)
  • Tidal current turbines: bottom moored, floating moorings or kite based

Source: Shiwa Tidal Energy Plan, EcoMeritTech/ Aquantis, Minesto


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